A Plus Transmission's Summer Car Tips

5 Tips For Getting Your Car Ready For Summer

Is Your Car Ready For Summer?

Summers in the mid west can reach extreme temperatures that can cause excessive wear on a car’s vehicle components. Regular automotive preventative maintenance can prevent costly breakdowns that could potentially leave you or your loved ones stranded.  The following are some important things to remember to check on your car before the heat gets here.

1. Check Your Tires…

  • Changes in temperature can cause fluctuations in tire pressure on cars. It is important to make sure your car’s tire pressure is correct to avoid premature tire wear and prevent potential blowouts.
  • Make sure you put your summer tires back on if you have been using winter tires.
  • Check to make sure your tires are wearing evenly. If you see any signs of uneven wear make sure you address this concern immediately as you may have steering or suspension issues causing the tires to wear improperly. Taking care of this issue can prevent costly repairs down the road and will ensure your vehicles steering and suspension system is functioning properly keeping you safe this summer. 

2. Check Your Brakes…

  • During the winter your brakes go through extreme temperature changes. As you apply your brakes they heat up very quickly and the freezing temperatures cause them to rapidly cool back down when they are not applied. These extreme temperature fluctuations can cause brake rotors and drums to warp or even crack, which can cause serious problems in your braking system.
  • Your brakes are the single most important safety aspect of your vehicle and it is vital to your safety and the safety of those you share the roads with to make sure your vehicles braking system is functioning properly. If they are not functioning properly, come to A Plus Transmission. Our experts have a lot of experience performing brake repairs.

3. Check Your Battery…

  • Extreme temperatures directly affect your car’s battery operation and life expectancy. As temperatures fluctuate the internal components of your cars battery will expand and contract which can cause them to fail before the manufacturers recommended life expectancy.
  • Make sure to get your battery tested so you or your loved ones aren’t left stranded!

4. Check Your Fluid Levels…

  • Make sure you check all of your fluids to ensure they are at the proper levels to avoid costly repairs this summer. This includes: transmission fluid, engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, differentials, transfer case, power steering, washer fluid, etc.
  • You will also want to make sure to check for any signs of leaks or spots of fluid on the floor.

5. Check Your Belts and Hoses…

  • Check all belts for cracks, frays, or chunks missing from the belt. Also make sure to inspect for any glazing which could be caused from grease and oil contamination. Always replace any belt that exhibits these characteristics as these are signs of a belt which may be soon to fail.
  • Check all hoses for swelling, blistering, splitting, or cracking. Hoses which display these characteristics can soon burst which can potentially damage your vehicle due to being run low on fluid and can also leave you stranded.