Prevent Costly Auto Repairs

Address The Issue

When we describe preventative maintenance to our customers, we compare it to a hole in your favorite shirt. If you leave the hole, it’s going to get bigger and bigger until you have to toss the article of clothing. But if you mend it quickly, you can go on enjoying the shirt.

The same philosophy applies to preventative maintenance for your vehicle. Our technicians at A Plus Transmission & Auto Repair provide recommended services that will keep your vehicle running at its best for as long as possible.

Preventive Maintenance Prevents Costly Repairs

Our service includes a full suite of solutions, from factory scheduled maintenance to oil and filter replacement to fluid services. We also offer fuel system cleaning, exchange of all vehicle fluids, engine tune-ups, & much more.  By maintaining your vehicle you can be sure you have done everything in your control to prevent costly repairs down the road.

The majority of the major repairs that we see in our shop did not crop up overnight. Generally the majority of these repairs could have been prevented with routine maintenance and addressing any issues immediately. The best way to avoid these costly issues – and the negative toll it takes on your car – is to schedule regular maintenance appointments.

A Plus Transmission is proud to offer our valued customers in the Brighton, MI area with car maintenance solutions that will be certain to extend the life of your vehicle and avoid costly repairs and breakdowns.