How to Tell that Your Vehicle Needs New Brakes

Your vehicle’s brakes are the single most important aspect to the safety of your vehicle. They ensure a safe traveling experience, providing drivers with the security that they need to navigate the road securely and effectively.  Brakes tend to see the most abuse of any component on your car so it is vital they are inspected regularly.  As such, they need to be replaced more frequently than other facets of your car. Keep your eyes peeled and your senses primed for signs that your vehicle might need a brake repair. These signs include:

Irregular Sounds

Your brakes aren’t meant to squeal, grind, or screech every time that you apply pressure to them. If you notice any type strange or unusual noise when applying the brakes, it is time to have your brakes inspected!


Does a vibrating sensation take over your car whenever you hit the brakes? Your rotors are likely warped – and your car is trying to let you know!


When you hit the brakes your vehicle should begin to slow immediately without any hesitation. If you don’t get instant deceleration or if it takes longer than usual to slow down, it’s important to replace your brakes as soon as possible.


If your vehicle pulls to either side when braking you are more than likely experiencing collapsed brake hoses or calipers that are hung up.  Whatever the cause may be, you should have your tires removed and brakes inspected immediately to ensure your safety and prevent uneven brake wear before it occurs.

You rely on your brakes every day when getting from place to place and they are a vital component of the safety of your vehicle.  If you’re unsure of the state of your vehicle’s most important feature, bring it in today for a brake inspection to prevent major problems down the road.

If you are experiencing potential brake failure symptoms or just want to be proactive and prevent a problem before it happens, make sure you have a trusted automotive mechanic perform any brake repairs, as well as inspect your vehicles braking system to ensure proper diagnosis.  Your brakes are the most important safety function of your car and it is vital to have your system checked out by a professional.