How to Find Amazing Auto Repair in Brighton, MI: The Complete Guide

How to Find Amazing Auto Repair in Brighton, MI: The Complete Guide

If you’re wondering how to find amazing auto repair in Brighton, MI, you’ve come to the right place. Learn how to choose the right mechanic here!

Whether you’re in a fender bender or major crash, it’s important to take care of your ride. An issue with your car could cause an accident. In fact, about 1.35 million people die in road crashes every year. 

It helps to find an amazing auto repair shop in Brighton, MI. The next time you need help with your car, you can rely on their top-notch services. Getting your car checked by an expert will help you keep small problems from becoming major issues. 

Instead of searching “auto repair near me,” use these tips. With this guide, you can make sure to find an auto expert with the experience and expertise you need.

Start your search for an auto shop with these tips today!

1. Look for Someone Who Specializes

Do you have a car that requires specialty parts? In that case, start your search by looking for someone with your make and model in mind. Searching for a specialist will give you peace of mind that they have experience with your car. 

Otherwise, you could end up working with someone who is unfamiliar with your model. The auto repair shop might not have the parts needed to repair your car. You might have to wait a while before they find the parts and complete your repairs. 

Some garages specialize in repairing certain makes. If you think you need to consult a specialist, search “auto repair near me” along with your car’s make and model. 

You might need to choose a specialist based on the repairs you need. For example, is there a crack in your winds? Did the glass shatter?

You might want to consider contacting an auto glass repair shop instead.

Choosing an auto repair shop based on your specific needs can ensure you find someone with the right experience and expertise. 

Choose Between Independent Shops and Dealerships

During your search, you might want to consider working with an independent shop or a nearby dealership. Are you having a difficult time deciding between the two?

First, determine if your car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. If it is, you might want to consult the dealership. Otherwise, you might void the warranty.

What is the average labor rate for auto repair? The rate can vary depending on your location. For auto repair in Michigan, the average rate is $154.42.

You might need to compare prices between independent shops and dealerships before making your search. Use the rest of these tips before making a decision to find the best shop in the area. 

2. Ask Your Inner Circle

For a head start on your search, ask friends and family members if they have suggestions. Do any of them have a car that’s similar to yours? Focus on those members of your inner circle first.

If your friends and family members don’t have suggestions, that’s okay. You can also read online reviews to get a better sense of the auto shops in the area. As you speak with friends or read reviews, look for information that indicates:

  • The mechanic’s experience, professionalism, and expertise
  • How long it took the shop to complete repairs
  • Costs
  • The quality of work that was completed

If you speak with friends and family members, ask about their experience working with the shop. Were there any communication issues or delays? How were those problems resolved?

Once you’ve found a few options, you can research a little more to find the best auto repair shop in Brighton, MI.

3. Check Online

If you decide to start your search online, look for mechanics on:

  • Cartalk’s Mechanic Files
  • Consumer Reports car repair estimator
  • Angie’s List

You can use these tools to access online directories that list mechanics in the area. 

4. Visit the BBB

Make sure the auto repair shop you’re interested in doesn’t have complaints filed against them. You can visit the shop’s Better Business Bureau listing.

Their listing will also provide you with reviews from happy (or unhappy) customers.

If a business has complaints filed against them, you might want to avoid that auto shop. Instead, look for businesses that have a strong professional reputation. 

5. Confirm Their Certification

Once you have a list of options, you’ll want to narrow your choices down further. Confirm each shop and mechanic has the proper licensing and certification.

For example, you can check to see if they’ve earned certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). To earn this certification, technicians have to pass a competency test. The test covers maintenance and vehicle repair procedures.

You can also ask if the mechanic has an advanced certification.

If you need a mechanic that specializes in specific repairs, make sure they have the certification for that specialty. For example, you can find a mechanic who specializes in body repairs or alternative fuel vehicles. 

6. Make Sure They’re Close

Before choosing an auto repair expert, make sure to determine where their shop is located. Is it near your home or work? Will you have to drive an hour out of your way to reach them?

You’ll probably want to make sure they’re close by. Otherwise, you might find it’s tedious to reach them when you need repairs. 

7. Ask About Warranties and Prices

Take the time to review the warranties the auto shop offers for their work. Warranties can differ as you explore different shops. Make sure to ask each shop you research about their warranty. 

Are there two shops on your list that seem similar? One might charge more than another. If their qualifications match, you might feel obligated to choose the cheaper option. 

Make sure to confirm the mechanic is certified and experienced before making a choice based on prices. 

8. Give Them a Chance

Before having a mechanic make a major repair, ask them to complete a smaller service. For example, you can have them complete a maintenance check or rotate your tires. Asking them to complete a smaller project is essentially a test drive.

Make sure they offer the auto repair services you need.

Giving them a chance will help you determine their abilities and professionalism. 

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Ready to find an auto repair shop in Brighton, MI you can trust? With these tips, you can find the best shop in the area. Then, you can trust them with your car without worrying they’ll overcharge you or damage your vehicle. 

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