Perfect Cool Car Tips Summer

Beat the Summer Heat with these Car Tips!

Summer, the best time of year, at least for some people. While a majority of Americans bask in the hot summer heat, soaking up the sun for a tan, or go swimming at a lake or river, others detest the whole season. For a lot of people, dealing with an unbearably hot car can be a large contributing factor, and it’s very understandable. Nothing is worse than opening your car door only to be hit by a wave of stagnant heat from your car sitting in the sun all day. This is even worse when your cooling system is broken and you’re stuck with nothing but rolled down windows to cool your car. Here are some cool car tips for those struggling with owning a car during the summer!

1. Get your oil changed

Everyone says again and again “change your oil every 3,000 miles.” “Change your oil every season.” “Change your oil after a road trip.” There seems to be an unlimited amount of reasons why you should change your oil, but it is a very important part of car ownership. During intense heat or intense cold, your oil has to work in overdrive to make sure your engine is well lubricated – so more of your oil is used up.

2. Cool down your car quickly

Stepping into a hot car and waiting for your A/C to kick in is the least effective way to cool down your car as quick as possible. The best thing to do is to turn on your A/C on full blast and roll down your windows, that way your AC pushes out all the warm air through your windows. Once your car is significantly cooled you can roll your windows back up and enjoy the A/C!

3. Get a sunshade

Another way to keep your car cool while it’s outside in the hot weather is investing in a sunshade. Sunshades are great because they fold up and can be kept in your car with minimum space. Whenever you go to step out of your car just open it up and prop it on your windshield. If your cooling system isn’t working this is a good alternative.

4. Get your cooling system fixed

During the cooler seasons of winter and spring you don’t really have to care too much about whether or not your AC works, but during the summer is when you really start to feel the heat. While there are alternatives nothing really beats the coolness of air conditioning.

Replacing your cooling system isn’t something you can do on your own; it can be a long and erroneous process if you don’t have the right training.  A Plus Transmission & Auto Repair has a full staff of trained professional mechanics that can fix your car up. If your cooling system is broke give us a call at 810.229.7878 or visit us at 43555 S. Old US Hwy 23 in Brighton, Michigan or on our site!


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