Car engine maintenance can cause countless troubles for your car, here are a few of the most common types of engine troubles that we face here at A Plus Transmission and Auto Repair.

10 Car Engine Issues to Let Michigan Auto Experts Handle

Even the newest cars can quickly acquire serious engine problems. For instance, even models built as late as 2014 may require whole engine rebuilds because of manufacturing faults. But when problems arise, do you know how to spot them?

For many people, carrying on with minor problems is the option, but this causes more damage and money. Read on as we discuss the ten problems that may impact your car engine.

1. The Car Engine Won’t Start

There are numerous reasons as to why your engine won’t start. Some of them will be simple problems that require a home fix. Others may be more serious and you may need to call auto repair in Brighton, MI immediately.

The most common problem is a battery issue. It may be dead or the connections may have come loose. A flat battery can be fixed quite easily with a jumpstart or recharge of the battery itself.

Assuming this does not work, then you need assistance. You may have trouble with the starter, fuel filters, broken ignition switches, and any number of problems. A mechanic in Brighton MI will be able to diagnose the problem quickly and get you back on the road.

2. Poor Lubrication

A car engine has lots of moving parts. When not well lubricated, they grind against each other. If this does not stop them from working altogether, then it drastically reduces the lifespan of your engine.

When the oil pump itself fails, the engine will be starved of lubrication. This is also why you should use high-quality oils in your car so that they have the right liquidity to flow through the engine correctly.

3. Coolant Loss

Coolant regulates the engine temperature, stopping it from becoming too hot to operate. If it reduces as a result of leakage, then the whole system does not have the means to stop it from overheating. Luckily, this is a very easy problem to identify.

It may maintain a consistently low level, even when you have recently filled it up. Check the hoses, radiator, and other components to see if you can spot the leak.

Your coolant should always be a green or orange color and be kept clean. If not, then you need to replace it and top it up. Most auto repairs in Brighton, MI will be happy to show you how to do this.

4. Worn Spark Plugs

This issue tends to occur more in older vehicles. Their job is to ignite the compressed gas within the engine. When they don’t do this, then nothing moves.

Spark plugs can become clogged with dirt or wear down, and this is when they do not create enough of a spark to ignite the gas. This causes a misfire, making the engine stall or cut out. It is quite easy to take out and replace a spark plug.

5. Clogged Radiator

If your coolant is not leaking, it still needs to get through to the other parts of the engine. The radiator relies on this supply to cool the engine. If it does not get it, then problems occur.

Dirty coolant can block up the radiator. Once blocked, the engine overheats and the car stops working. Make sure you replace coolant regularly and don’t use tap water as it can erode your engine from the inside.

6. Engine Noises

Even newer engines make some noise. However, there are a few tell-tale sounds that you need a mechanic in Brighton MI. Any knocking, vibrations, or the sound of metal scraping should be given immediate attention.

These sounds can be one of any number of problems. It may be that you have a worn-out belt or bearings in the engine. Vehicle repair in Brighton, MI will be able to diagnose the problem and help you work it out.

8. Timing Chain

The timing chain sits around the gears, creating the link between them and the engine. It should be able to move smoothly around though it is not always the case. A problem will be characterized by misfiring, vibrating sounds, or poor running.

While driving, you may feel a loss of power and response time. Check the engine oil. If it has metal shavings in it, then the timing belt is gone and you need to call an expert in car repair in Brighton, MI to assist.

9. Engine Smoke

Smoke from any part of the car is an urgent problem. You may see it creeping out from under the hood, or it may even be coming from the exhaust. In any instance, you need immediate help.

White smoke signals that you have a broken head gasket. Less serious problems may include the engine burning away coolant, showing you have a leak.

Blue smoke is more worrying and can signify a wider range of problems. This can be from a lack of crankcase ventilation, worn seals, and damaged pistons. It can also mean the car is consuming excessive amounts of oil.

10. Oxygen Sensor Malfunction

Oxygen sensors that are inaccurate are bad not just for the car but can be a serious safety issue for you. Typically, these parts fail after around 80,000 to 100,000 miles. Its purpose is to detect how much oxygen remains in the exhaust and how much fuel is in the tank.

They can also cause serious inefficiency in your engine, costing you money in fuel and maintenance. You will usually get a warning from the check engine light when this occurs or see it in the performance of the car.

Solving Car Engine Problems

Now you know these car engine problems, you need to solve them. Unfortunately, only a few can be done at home. Get help, and don’t let the serious issues become worse than they need to be.

For any vehicle problems in Brighton MI, come to A Plus Transmission and Auto Repair. We are a family-owned business that has served the community for over four generations. Contact us here, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.