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Maintaining Your Automobile

Thanks to advances in technology and engineering, vehicles on the road today are more dependable and trouble-free than ever before. However, to keep your vehicle without any issues, routine maintenance is an absolute must. By performing these recommended services to your vehicle in accordance to your manufacture’s schedules and guidelines, you will prolong your vehicle’s life and ultimately lower the cost to maintain it.

A Plus Transmission & Auto Repair has been maintaining vehicles since we opened in 1971 and are more than equipped to handle any type of automobile maintenance needs you may have. You can trust our crew of certified technicians to fully inspect your vehicle for any maintenance issues that need addressing and keep your vehicles running in excellent condition, saving you a great deal of time and money in the long run.

Maintenance Services

♦ Factory scheduled maintenance at 15k/30k/60k/90k/120k
♦ Belts
♦ Timing belts
♦ Hoses
♦ Battery service
♦ Cabin air filters
♦ Engine air filters
♦ Fuel filters
♦ Fuel induction service
♦ Lighting repair/replacement
♦ Spark plugs
♦ Wiper blades
♦ & More


Fluid Services

♦ Brake fluid service
♦ Coolant/antifreeze flush
♦ Differential fluid service
♦ Power steering fluid service
♦ Transfer case fluid service
♦ Transmission fluid service or flush

Oil Changes

Clean oil is as important to the health of your engine, as blood is to the body. When your oil is dirty from debris and other various impurities that get trapped in the oil filter and clog it up, it can make your engine work harder than normal. The main purpose of oil is to lubricate, and as oil ages, it breaks down and becomes less effective at lubricating. Old oil, low oil pressure, and lack of oil can all cause damage to your engine. Getting regular oil changes and replacing your motor oil and filter will make your vehicle’s engine last longer, improve fuel economy, and help you avoid costly repairs. An oil change is a low cost preventative service that’s well worth the time and investment.
Manufacturer recommended maintenance schedules typically suggest receiving an oil change every 3,000 -7,000 miles. Factors like driving in cold climates, towing a trailer, or aggressive driving, can make it necessary for more frequent oil changes.

Our Oil Change, Lube & Filter Services Includes:

♦ Conventional, synthetic, and synthetic blend oil types (multiple brands available)
♦ Oil Filter
♦ Chassis Lube
♦ Oil Change
♦ Check Cabin Filter
♦ Check Air Filter
♦ Perform 21 Point Safety Inspection


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