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Transfer Case Service & Repair


The transfer case is the power transfer unit found on all wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles that distributes power to either two or all four wheels on demand from the vehicle operator. On many modern all wheel drive or four wheel drive vehicles, advanced electronics play a key role to their function.

Preventative maintenance to your transfer case is crucial to keeping it functioning properly and maximizing its life expectancy. Transfer case fluid, like the oil in your engine, is subjected to extreme conditions of heat, pressure, and contaminants, which breakdown your fluid, resulting in poor lubrication and cooling of your transfer case components. By changing your fluid regularly you will greatly increase the life expectancy of your transfer case.

Manufacturer Recommended Service


  • Fluid Change: Every 2 years/30,000 Miles
  • Annual Inspections



Differential Service & Repair

A differential converts the rotating motion of the engine driveshaft into usable rearward or forward motion. All modern vehicles use a differential, either front, rear, or both in the case of a four wheel or all wheel drive vehicle.

A regular maintenance routine on your differential includes inspecting the gear lubricant level and condition, checking for leaks, and changing the fluid. Your differential assembly doesn’t contain more than a few quarts of lubricant. Even a small leak that goes unnoticed can cause the fluid level to be low enough to starve axle bearings and cause other major problems. With time and usage your differential fluid will break down and not properly lubricate the mechanical parts, resulting in extra wear on the differential components. Regular inspections and fluid changes can prevent and catch a problem early and save you on expensive repair costs.

Being in business since 1988, A Plus Transmission & Auto Repair certified technicians have extensive knowledge diagnosing and repairing just about every type of differential out there.  They can perform a complete diagnostic evaluation of your vehicles differential and advise you as to whether you are in need of a service or if other repairs are necessary.

  • Noise & vibration diagnosis
  • Front & rear differential services
  • Bearing and seal replacements
  • Ring & pinion replacement
  • Carrier replacement
  • Posi units
  • Spider gears
  • U-Joints
  • CV axles
  • Drive shaft replacement and balancing
  • Axles & seals
  • & more

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