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Radiator & Coolant Service & Repair

The primary function of your vehicles cooling system is to reduce and remove enough heat from the engine to keep it running at a safe temperature for optimal engine performance. The secondary function of the cooling system is to provide interior cabin heat during the cold winter. Your vehicles antifreeze works both to cool your engine as well as to prevent the freezing of your vehicles engine assembly components, which otherwise would cause catastrophic engine failure. If your cooling system is not operating properly, you could have many warning signs. Ignoring these warning signs and overheating your engine could be a very costly mistake.

Our Services

Our certified technicians have the experience necessary to perform a thorough evaluation of your entire cooling system to accurately determine what repairs, if any are necessary. Diagnosing & repairing all makes and models of cars, trucks, SUV’s, and RV’s since 1988, A Plus Transmission & Auto Repair has the experience to properly inspect and service your vehicles cooling system. Whether you drive a domestic or foreign vehicle, the crew here at A Plus has more than enough experience to get your cooling system repaired and get you back on the road. Our services and repairs include:

♦ Radiator/coolant services and flushes
♦ Pressure test cooling system
♦ Locate & repair coolant leaks
♦ Radiator repair/replacement
♦ Replacement of hoses
♦ Replacement of thermostat
♦ Electric fans
♦ Fan clutches
♦ Heater core
♦ Water pump
♦ Transmission cooler and oil cooler lines
♦ & more



Symptom Center

The following are some common radiator and coolant related issues:

♦ Engine overheating
♦ Antifreeze leaking
♦ Check Engine Lights on
♦ Temperature Gauge higher than normal
♦ Antifreeze/coolant on the floor of the passenger compartment
♦ Smell antifreeze
♦ Low or no heat coming out your vents
♦ Poor heater performance
♦ Unusual odors come from interior vents
♦ Windows fog when defroster is turned on

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