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A/C & Heat

It seems there is nothing more important, on a hot summer day, than a properly functioning air conditioning system in your vehicle. Equally important is staying warm through those cold winter months. Our certified technicians are trained to diagnose and repair air conditioning & heating system problems and have been doing so for over 40 years.

A Plus Transmission & Auto Repairs certified technicians will do a full evaluation of your air conditioning & heating system, using our state-of-the-art A/C machines to determine whether you need a simple recharge of the refrigerant or if other repairs will be necessary.

Our Services

A Plus has the knowledge and experience needed to perform complete A/C diagnosis testing and repairs on all makes and models of vehicles, both domestic and foreign, including electronic climate control and heating systems. From diagnosing and repairing leaks and recharging you’re A/C, to converting or retrofitting your A/C from Freon to a new R-134a system, A Plus is your source for air conditioning & heating system services including repairs on:

♦ A/C lines/hoses
♦ A/C Compressor
♦ A/C Condenser
♦ A/C Accumulator or Drier
♦ A/C Evaporator
♦ A/C Clutch
♦ Relay
♦ Cooler
♦ Thermal Expansion Valve
♦ Blower Motor
♦ Heater Core
♦ & More!



Symptom Center

Common Symptoms of A/C or Heat issues include:

♦ A/C system doesn’t cool vehicle
♦ Fan/blower does not work when set in A/C mode
♦ Fan/blower is louder than usual
♦ Heater top and or side vents, or defroster do not work
♦ A/C or engine makes loud noises when the heat or A/C is turned on
♦ Vehicle stalls or idles roughly when A/C is turned on
♦ Vehicle runs hot or overheats when A/C is on
♦ There is water on the car’s floor
♦ Electric engine cooling fan quickly cycles on and off
♦ Unusual odors come from interior vents
♦ Windows fog when defroster is turned on
♦ Poor air conditioner or heater performance

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