7 Characteristics of a Quality Auto Repair Shop

7 Characteristics of a Quality Auto Repair Shop

Choosing the right repair shop for your needs is important. Click here for seven characteristics of a quality auto repair shop.


For most vehicles, the need for consistent car maintenance begins at 5,000 miles

Regular car maintenance includes oil changes, windshield wiper replacement, wiper fluid replacement, and tire alignment. And in some unfortunate cases, your car will also need emergency repairs. 

In order to receive high-quality services at a fair price, it’s important to be intentional in your auto repair shop selection. You and your car have no time for cutting corners. 

Use the guide below when selecting an auto repair shop. We highlight 7 characteristics to keep an eye out for. 

1. Impressive Reviews

Before taking your car to any auto repair business, check out their online reviews. 

Reviews from past customers reveal a lot about a business. Keep your eyes peeled for reviews that mention anything about their customer service, speediness, and overall work ethic. 

Don’t always rely on reviews posted on a company’s website. Companies cherry-pick good reviews to hide the negative ones. Instead, look at the reviews through Google or other local review sites. 

2. Fair Estimates

Most people don’t know enough about automotive repair to know when someone’s giving an unfair estimate. It’s easy to be ripped off by shady auto repair shops. 

If you know what’s wrong with your car, do your research before taking it to the shop. Gather average estimates by glancing at online chat forums, calling a variety of auto repair shops, or consulting with knowledgeable friends. 

Are you not sure what’s happening with your car? Take it to a nearby shop, and always ask for an estimate with a full breakdown of the costs before agreeing to a job. 

Take the information one shop gave you and give it to other shops through the phone for more estimates. 

3. Friendly Staff

Only use a repair shop if the mechanics are kind and hard-working. 

Auto repair shops are busy places. This can easily cause the staff to be irritable and dismissive of customers. Despite the intense environment, there’s no excuse to be rude!

Guarantee the shop employees are attentive to your issues, eager to help, and respectful while conversing with you. Leave a good review for friendly shops to help out other customers in the future. 

4. Highly Trained Technicians

Someone can be as kind as possible but still lack the necessary skill to perform car repairs. On top of a good attitude, make sure your mechanics are trained technicians. 

Most business websites list the required certifications for their mechanics, and you’re always allowed to ask a shop about certifications over the phone. If your car is experiencing a more difficult problem, inquire about a shop’s specializations before bringing it in. 

Lean towards selecting shops that encourage the ongoing education of mechanics. Many shops motivate their employees to earn advanced certifications, and this is often a strong indicator of knowledgeable staff

Note: The most popular certification to look for is the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence. Recipients of this certification are required to pass intense testing in a large array of automotive categories. 

5. Available Warranties

It’s no secret that most auto repair jobs are expensive. Because of this, it’s important to guarantee the job and/or new car parts are protected with a warranty. 

Warranties come in handy when a repair or a new part fails. The shop should redo the job at a reduced or free cost. 

Even if a shop tells you they honor shop warranties, ask about the details of the warranties. 

6. No Sales Gimmicks

Most shops entice customers by offering a variety of auto repair deals. While most of these deals are trustworthy, avoid shops with any sales gimmicks that seem too good to be true. 

Unfortunately, many customers don’t discover these funky gimmicks until after their car is being worked on. Some store owners will take advantage of vulnerable people waiting in the shop by offering them a variety of deals. 

Oftentimes, they’ll offer you deals for new parts you don’t even need! If the offered deal seem suspicious, ask for their reasoning. And always take a look for yourself. 

Remember, you’re always allowed to say ‘no’. 

7. Available Appointments

Most of the country commutes to work and school. We rely on our cars to carry out our daily responsibilities. 

Keep your everyday flow going by searching for a vehicle repair shop with a large number of available appointment times. Sometimes, for minor issues, you can even find shops with same-day appointments. 

You’ll have to wait a day or 2 if your car needs a special part that requires special order. Ask mechanics how long it takes to get a part in and how long it’ll take to perform the job before leaving your car at the shop. 

Are you not able to schedule an appointment through a company’s website? Call ahead to inquire about how busy their schedule is for the day. Ask when it’s best to bring in your car. 

Only Trust the Best: Finding a Quality Auto Repair Shop

We wouldn’t be able to live our daily lives without our cars! Your car is a precious asset that should be handled by only the finest car mechanics. Use the above list of characteristics to find a quality auto repair shop. 

The cost of a quality auto repair is overwhelming to many people. Keep in mind that your investment today will pay off in the days to come. Chat with your repair shop about available payment plans and deals to lighten the financial load. 

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