6 Signs Your Car Needs Engine Repair in Brighton

If you live in Brighton, MI and own a car, one aspect to focus on for reliable driving is the engine. Here are signs your car needs engine repair.

1. Your Vehicle is Making Knocking Noises

Vehicles are prone to making all types of noises. After all, they consist of thousands of different parts, all of which could fail and lead to dysfunction. It’s only natural that strange noises would follow. 

There are many common engine noises, however, there’s one specific type of noise that you need to look out for. This noise is the knocking noise. Now, knocking noises can be caused by a variety of other entities as well, but engines are the most common. 

Why does an impaired engine sometimes lead to a knocking noise? In most cases, the answer lies in deteriorated engine bearings. Over time, as these bearings are subject to wear and tear, they disintegrate, allowing the engine to take on substantial friction.  

If allowed to persist for a long enough period, broken engine bearings could lead to engine seizure. As such, if you do hear knocking noises, you have to get your car into the shop sooner rather than later. 

2. Your Exhaust Smoke is Irregular

Another sign that your engine might be in need of repair is that your car is producing irregular exhaust smoke. In this context, irregular refers to either excessive exhaust smoke or discolored exhaust smoke, both of which are indicative of problems. 

Let’s say your exhaust smoke possesses a blue tint. If so, there’s reason to believe that the motor is burning up the oil. And if it’s a white tint, there’s reason to believe that coolant is leaking. 

Maybe your exhaust smoke possesses a gray tint? This could indicate that your engine is burning up too much gasoline. 

Your exhaust should be producing a light white smoke; nothing more than faint whisps. If there are puffy clouds of smoke coming out of your exhaust, you need to see your local auto repair shop as soon as possible. 

3. Your Vehicle Isn’t as Efficient as It Used to Be

Does it seem that you’re filling up your gas tank more frequently than you used to? Does your gas mileage gauge indicate a drop in overall vehicle efficiency? If so, your engine is likely the culprit. 

There are a number of engine sub-components whose dysfunction could cause fuel efficiency issues. These run the gamut from the fuel injectors to the air filters to the oxygen sensors and more. Using bad oil could also lead to this problem. 

In any case, if your vehicle is losing fuel efficiency, you need to have it checked out by a professional. Allowing this problem to persist will not only result in more severe efficiency issues but, in the long-term, a broken-down engine. 

4. There are Leaks Under Your Car

In order for a car to run properly, many of its components must make use of various liquids. These liquids include motor oil, coolant, transmission fluid, and a variety of others, each of which is vital to the overall function of the vehicle. 

Unfortunately, when a vehicle is subject to physical trauma, it can spring leaks, causing these fluids to pour out onto the ground. If they pour out, the vehicle will fail to run properly, leading to efficiency issues and an increased vehicle lifespan. 

As such, you need to perpetually be looking for leaks under your car. If fluids are leaking out, something in your vehicle needs to be fixed pronto. Though it’s not always the case, there’s a good chance that it’s something in your engine. 

Bring your vehicle into your local auto repair shop. They’ll identify the source of the leak and make any necessary repairs. 

5. Your Check Engine Light Is On

This is an easy one . . . and yet so many people let it go by the wayside. Simply put, if your check engine light is on, you need to have your car inspected by a professional as soon as possible. 

Your car’s electronic system is designed to pick up on irregularities in its engine. It knows that there’s something wrong, even when that “something” is not readily apparent. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to immediately stop your car and have it towed to the nearest repair shop. But you shouldn’t be taking any big trips, not until it’s been thoroughly inspected by a trained mechanic. 

6. Your Car is Producing Foul Odors

The last sign to look out is foul odors. All types of foul odors are capable of emitting from car engines, from burning smells to syrupy smells to musty smells to sulfur smells, and more. All of these are indicative of something bad going on within the engine and should be treated with the utmost vigilance. 

Allowing such odors to persist could result in even further damage. If ignored for long enough, they could even lead to engine seizure. If this occurs, your entire engine will need to be replaced. 

Don’t let this happen. Have your car inspected as soon as the odors arise so that you can get to the business of fixing your engine. 

In Need of Engine Repair in Brighton?

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